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Friend n’ Foe is an independent and organic fashion and lifestyle brand based in London, England.

First becoming a concept in late 2010, by then degree student, William Gilbert, the brand started to take shape and became a reality in the weeks following, and after an initial personal investment of only £200 and countless hours spent with a pad of paper and laptop In a less than desirable bedroom in the North West of London, Friend n’ Foe was born.

Influenced by the US urban/street culture, music of all kinds and the admiration of such sucessful and organic brands as Johnny Cupcakes, US and UK brand Honour Over Glory, Friend n’ Foe and it‘s bold designs has risen through the ranks and positioned it’s self as one of the UK’s most promising and well known streetwear brands.

Now with it’s own print studio and set of offices in the South East of England, Friend n’ Foe and it’s team of employees work daily on new concepts and ideas for the brand and more importantly oversee the production and hand screen printing of each and every garment that is sold exclusively in our online store.

Since it‘s birth the Friend n’ Foe has slowly but surely established into a worldwide fashion brand and can be seen being represented on the streets of every major and not so major country of the world and to this day still boasts it‘s indepedence that was always so important.rum.